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Our Story

Introducing SSquared Ceramics: where beauty meets functionality, creating ceramics you'll fall in love with and can't bear to be without - even on vacation. The idea for SSquared Ceramics was born on a trip with my wife, where she surprised me by bringing along a mug I had crafted just for her. We believe in crafting stunning ceramics that enrich your everyday life.

Our name, SSquared, holds a special significance. It symbolizes the union of our last names, both beginning with S, and reflects the profound support and love my wife brings to this venture. She is not just my partner, but an integral part of this brand, offering invaluable input and even contributing to the design process, carving our signature chop mark. SSquared Ceramics represents the synergy of our shared passion and unwavering dedication.

Our Offerings

Kinetic Ceramics

Discover our captivating collection of kinetic ceramics featuring an array of lazy susans, rotating planters and earring holders.

About The Artist

Nathan Spevack took an intro to ceramics class as a way to fulfill his art requirement his freshman year of college in 2004 and had no idea that class would change his life forever. Nathan absolutely fell in love with ceramics and has been at it ever since.

  • BA in Ceramics from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA
  • Masters in Education from Bank Street College of Education in NY
  • 13+ years working with clay (hand building and throwing)
  • Currently teaching at Friend Assembly
  • Associate Member at Castle Clay

"Nathan is truly gifted in his teaching methods and makes sure that you understand the why behind how you work with clay and then ensures he is supporting you every step of the way. . . Do yourself a favor and take a class with him."

- Laura De Loach

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